Recycle Bag

Curaçao Postal Bags – Recycled

It’s always a joy to make something new out of material that would otherwise haven been put to waste. The Curaçao postal bags, made from super strong canvas, lost their use because of the fact that today multinationals have taken over the function of the post offices that used to be run by the local government. Furthermore the printed bags represent the past, when Curaçao was not as independent from the Dutch government as they are now. The bags are a memory of the old days, because they have printed on them the 6 stars, representing the 6 islands that were constituted of the Dutch Antilles. So for everyone who is sucker for nostalgia or just loves the fact that good material that would otherwise have been wasted be put to use, these bags are great. They are superstrong & big when you choose the shopper version and super durable & practicle when you choose the laptop version.