3-Way Chair

Salty Chair

The Salty Chair was designed looking at a chair from different angles and being able to use in multiple ways.

The prototype got its name from its Y-shape and the fact that it was designed in a salty environment for the fun of it.

You can sit on the chair in 3 different ways, when you roll it around and you can use it as a table, when you put it flat on the ground.

The painting makes for the chair to look different every time you move the chair in a different position.

It’s a fun chair to play around with.

It’s made up of 2 pultiplex sides and ribs connecting them at the width that is wished for and the the ribs are covered with a thin layer of multiplex wood that is flexible.

The Salty Chair is finished off with a several layers of paint and the figures are painted on top of it to make it look unique.